607 members have been suspended for abusing our program.
Country Username Reason
toro1 email address is not correct or mailbox full. I did warn you 3 x
klikjesjuf I get all emails back
charapov I warned you severall times that your mailbox is full or not good
youmile Inactive
levananh21 Inactive
HeavenlyAngel Inactive
hunganh563 Inactive
amin24 Inactive
jimboy9 Inactive
allison Inactive
dragonstoner1 Inactive
alfov3 Inactive
cyuvaniyom Inactive
betyaja Inactive
ajwalker Inactive
25thankful38 Inactive
wikr61 Inactive
Malinak Inactive
oesybnedvar Inactive and a wrong email address
moyeenchowdhury Inactive and all send mails are coming back
gosialx24 Mailbox problems
florin2211 Sorry but I warned you 2x and get still always mails back so I did suspend your account/ If you do something on it I will unsuspend your account again
kauaigirl86 Suspended after 100 days inactivity
aboalb Suspended after 100 days inactivity
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